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Nano silver-copper bimetallic sol (aqueous and alcoholic)
Nano silver-copper bimetallic sol (aqueous and alcoholic)

Product introduction :

Nano silver, silver and copper bimetal is a new type of antibacterial material。 Compared with traditional nano silver materials, the minimum inhibitory concentration can be reduced by 3-5 times, and the amount of precious metal silver can be reduced。 Nano silver copper has better fungus。 The antibacterial and bactericidal ability is one of the materials to replace nano silver in the future。

Basic characteristics:

(1) Minimum inhibitory concentration of nano silver and copper: 0。5ppm

(2) granule size: uniform particle size 7 nanometer (aqueous) war 5 nanometer (alcoholic)

(3) Standard concentration: 1500ppm (aqueous); 2000ppm (alcoholic)

(4) Foundation layout: bimetal, core shell single-type composite layout

Important use:

(1) Long-term disinfection spray additive

(2) Antibacterial germicidal coating

(3) Other antibacterial material additives


(1) 1 kg, 25 kg or 30 kg


Store at room temperature in the dark, alcohol needs to be preserved in the storage of extraordinary dangerous goods

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